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Alderman Acres Mfg., Inc.

623 Union St.

Coffeyville, KS 67337

Phone 620.251.4095

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Terms & Conditions


Payment Terms


Domestic Orders: We honor MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & American Express Credit Cards. (Purchase Orders with prior approval or existing Customers)


International Orders: Wire transfer of 100% will be required at the time of placing the order

Minimum Order
A $10.00 surcharge will be placed on all orders less than $100.00.


Price Changes
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


All freight, FOB Coffeyville, Kansas (or Warehouse location) prepaid and added to Invoice.  A charge of $2.50 per package will be added for shipping, handling, and administrative charges.


We warranty all merchandise, but strongly recommend American made, for 30 days from shipment date for defect in materials and workmanship.  Import Linens are packed compressed.  Wash to fluff.


Returned Items
25% restocking fee will be charged on all linen products and can only be returned with prior authorization, except under WARRANTY TERMS.  For all special linen items, there will be a 50% restocking fee.  No returned merchandise, manufactured to customer specifications, will be accepted unless under WARRANTY TERMS and only with prior authorization.  Credit for defective merchandise will be applied to open accounts.  Cash refunds are strictly prohibited.  All returns will be shipped freight prepaid.


SHIPPING INFORMATION: Title of goods passes to purchaser and Alderman Acre’s responsibility ceases when shipment is accepted for transportation by any carrier from Alderman Acre’s point of origin.

Carefully inspect all shipments before acceptance, and note any damages on the Delivery Receipt.

Concealed Damage must be reported to Alderman Acres, and to the carrier, within 10 days from date of delivery, otherwise no claim for Concealed Damage will be allowed.

Purchaser, Alderman Acres, and the Freight Carrier, will each be responsible for 1/3 of the total replacement cost for Concealed Damages.

DO NOT return damaged goods to Alderman Acres Mfg, Inc. unless authorized as stated in RETURNS policy.


Track & Hardware
When purchased with curtains, the track price includes all carriers and end stops.  No blocks or fastening devices for installation are included.  All bends are an additional charge.  Crating charges for track shipments will be 15% or less of total track cost, depending on complexity of crating.


25% Charge for cancellation/restocking of non-manufactured items, such as linens, furniture, track, hardware, blinds, etc.50% Charge for cancellation of special product items.


Special Information
All Cubicle Curtains and Draperies are custom made and not returnable.  It is, therefore essential, that measuring is done precisely and correctly and that this information is accurately conveyed to us.

The WIDTH (distance from left to right) of a Cubicle Curtain is a CUT SIZE.  There is a normal and legitimate "LOSS" of goods (in the width of a curtain) due to seaming of panels together and the turning of side hems.  Therefore, a curtains will NOT finish the WIDTH that is specified.

The "RULE OF THUMB" is to order a WIDTH that is approximately 10% to 20% wider than the track from which the curtain will hang for fullness and loss of goods due to seaming of panels and side hems.

The HEIGHT (distance from top to bottom) of a Cubicle Curtain is a FINISHED SIZE.  It WILL finish to within 1" of the HEIGHT that is specified.


NOTICE:  Due to the nature of 100% Avora Polyester Fabric, some puckering may appear and will require touch-up with a hand iron (275 degree max. temp.).